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Keys and Principles for Buying Investment Property

by Elaine Ryan

If you have watched television shows or heard stories of people making some serious money with real estate property, it may be an exciting prospect for your to try your hand at it. However, there are a few important tips and guidelines that you must keep in mind, so that your real estate investment prospects are fruitful. Before you start such a plan in earnest, make sure that you read the tips laid out below and use them to guide you in your real estate endeavors. 

​Focus on the Down Payment

The best thing you can do for yourself when trying to land a rental property is to have a good-sized down payment. This will open you up to better mortgage payments and interest rates, which allow you to make the most out of any property that you decide to own, sell or rent. Don't begin looking into real estate listings until you know you are ready to put down at least 25 percent on any kind of property.

Learn Which Type of Property to Purchase

If you're going to enter the real estate investment world in earnest, you need to know which types of homes to look for. For instance, always get the home inspected and focus on those that were well-maintained, rather than fixer-uppers. This will save you lots of heartache and trouble throughout the process. While choosing a high quality, fancy home might seem like a good idea, it is actually the opposite. Fancy homes are great for personal purchases, but are much harder to rent out. Further, always purchase the house as if you are the one living in it. Doing this will let you get the best rates, because realtors will charge more if you are simply buying it as an investment.

Find out All You Can about the Neighborhood

In addition to keying in on important information about the home, you need to key in on important information about the neighborhood. Always look into the crime rates and see what type of crimes occur in the neighborhood. Further, look into the job market in the neighborhood to know which places of employment are a short commute away. Perhaps most importantly, research the school districts in the area, so that any prospective buyers and renters have access to attractive educational institutions for their children.

When you have these types of facts and guidelines nailed down, it will become easier to find real estate property worth your investment. Begin to look into real estate listings like The Lion Team in your local and surrounding area as you apply these principles and make them work for you.