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3 Tips To Help You Stay Safe While Connecting To The Internet On Vacation

by Elaine Ryan

With today's modern technology, you use the Internet for everything. Even when you go on vacation, you may take a laptop with your or have a device to check things like bank accounts, itineraries and order tickets. You may even use it for watching a late night movie in a hotel. This also presents many risks for your information falling into the hands of criminals. This is why it is important to keep your data safe while connecting to the Internet on vacation. Here are some tips to help keep your data safe while connecting to the Internet on your vacation:

1. Consider Using Prepaid Cards And Old Phones While On Vacation

Your cellphone may be something that you take everywhere with you. It can also be one of the most vulnerable devices while you are on vacation. If you do not really need everything on your phone, consider using an old phone in the closet that you probably have and putting a prepaid SIM card in it. This can limit the changes that you lose your phone or have important data stolen. Make sure you clean the phone of old files and only have the minimal amount of features you need for your vacation.

2. Connect To Things Like Bank And Personal Accounts Using A VPN Service

When you are out on vacation, it may be tempting to connect to the free WiFi at a coffee shop or at the airport. Instead of directly connecting to a network, setup VPN (Virtual Private Network) service before you leave home. These are services that provide you a private network connection and encryption to help keep your data safe. Any personal accounts that you connect to on vacation can be done through the VPN service you have setup.

3. Avoid Public Networks And Protect Your Connected Devices And Credit Cards

Public networks in coffee shops and airports should always be avoided. You may have a VPN service, but you can avoid connecting through them if possible. Try to use a laptop and wired connection in your hotel room. When looking for places to stay, look for rooms with high-speed networks and wired outlets. Even connecting to a more secure network, you will still want to use the VPN on vacation to ensure your data stays safe.

These are some tips that will help you stay safer and avoid having your data stolen on vacation. There are many places to stay while you are on vacation, but you may want to talk with a vacation rentals service and make sure you have secure Internet connection for your next holiday.