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Why Learning Real Estate In A Classroom May Be Better For You

by Elaine Ryan

Have you decided to pursue a career in real estate? Perhaps it is an extra skill you want to acquire and use to earn a supplemental income; however, many people find the real estate industry very rewarding, and choose to transition into full-time employment. The most important thing you can do is choose a learning environment that fits your learning style. Although there are online classes, some people learn better in traditional classroom settings. The following points will help you determine if classroom instruction is best for you.

Networking Goals

If you would like to interact with other newcomers in the real estate industry or meet veteran agents in your area, a classroom learning environment can give you access. You may even find that some successful agents teach courses in your area. Perhaps you are a person who likes to encourage peers, and sometimes you need encouragement too. Being in a live class can keep you motivated by like-minded individuals. 

Preference for Assigned Tasks

Some people find it difficult to work at their own pace. You may have many distractions that would cause you to postpone finishing assignments without structure. If so, then a classroom learning environment would allow you to know which assignments are due, which may help you plan better and not get behind on studying. You might also get group assignments, and these would aid in helping you to be accountable to your peers. 

Prompt Response to Questions

Some online courses do not have instructors available to answer questions in real-time. This means that if you get stuck or do not understand something, you may have to wait to get your questions answered. This could be a problem if you have a tight schedule and can only finish your classwork during specific hours. Even if you chose an online course that has various staff available to answer questions, you might have to go back and forth over the course of several e-mails or chats with different people to fully grasp the concept. Having a live advisor would give you real-time access to ask questions and get clarification. You might even find that one of your peers can explain difficult material to you in a manner that you can comprehend easily. 

Known Test Anxiety

Completing your real estate course is just one part of your  journey. You will also have to take licensing exams. If you have experienced test anxiety in the past, your instructors will likely be able to coach you through testing strategies and explain how the testing process goes. They might also give mock testing to allow students to see firsthand what they can expect on their testing dates. 

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