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How To Up Your Curb Appeal When You Are Selling Your Condo

by Elaine Ryan

Selling a condo unit that is part of a shared community involves different tactics than a stand-alone home. There are still things you can do to up the interest in your home and get people in the door. While your condo unit might not have exterior stand-alone space, there are still things that you can do to you enhance your surrounding areas for potential buyers. Here are four ways to increase your condo's curb appeal.

1. Include Photos of Common Areas in Your Listing

While your focus when it comes to photos can be on the interior of your home, be sure that your real estate agent plays up exterior spaces and communal amenities as well. Features might include pictures of a gym, laundry room, pool, or landscaping.

2. Report Things that Need to be Fixed

If you notice scratches on exterior walls, a broken gutter, or hallway lights that need to be replaced, do your entire condoplex a favor and report anything that you see amiss to your HOA or property management team. If they don't know about issues, they cannot make these a priority to get fixed. The hope is that the common areas of your condo will be updated when you are ready to show and sell your home.

3. Point out Amenities During Showings

It can make a huge difference for possible buyers to see everything your condo has to offer inside and out. If all buyers are taken directly to the unit without seeing everything else outside of your unit, they might not appreciate the security of the community or take note of all of the amenities that are available. It can help to have two realtors or to help your agent during an open house so that guests can tour your home and the common areas as well.

4. Give Your Neighbors a Head's Up

If you can let the neighbors know you are selling, they won't be surprised when people stop by to see your space. Neighbors can be helpful with directions and can answer any questions potential buyers might have about the area. Invite neighbors to the open house as well so they can see your space and can talk with potential new owners.

While selling a condo involves a different strategy than a standard, stand-alone home and the exterior of your space should be taken into consideration. Many times the shared spaces within a condoplex can be the best selling points and should be a part of your real estate agent's overall selling strategy.