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3 Essential Tips For Using Facebook To Find An Office To Lease

by Elaine Ryan

Finding just the right office space for your business can be quite a quest. One of the most underrated real estate tools on every computer, tablet, and smart phone is social media. Facebook is a particularly great site for finding the commercial office location for your business. Here are some essential tips for using Facebook to find the place you've been hoping to discover.

Tip #1: Join Local Business Groups

Facebook offers users the opportunity to start both pages and groups. Pages are primarily for business to communicate directly to customers, and their followers can respond to posts in comments. On the other hand, groups allow for a lot more interaction and content directly from members. If you join Facebook groups for business in your area, you can find a great deal of support from other business owners who can offer advice on a wide range of topics. Once you are in the groups, you may post about your needs in an office space, and other company owners can offer leads on places to rent.

Tip #2: Search Commercial Real Estate Hashtags

Although hashtags on social media started with Twitter, they quickly made their way to Facebook and Instagram. Hashtag posts allow you to easily find posts on a certain topic. The more specific the hashtag is, the fewer posts there will likely be that use it. That can be beneficial, though. You can look up local hashtags in your area, then type them into the Facebook search engine. You can then see search results that may include local commercial office leasing listings.

Tip #3: Create Posts About What You Want to Find

When you create appealing Facebook posts about what you want to find in an office space, you may be surprised at how far a post can travel. You may even decide to send your posts to real estate agents. A real estate agent who offers commercial real estate for rent or lease may offer you direct options after reading your post or offer to show your property. They may also share your post.

Finally, keep in mind that a real estate agent can be your best ally in finding the right home for your business. You can simply let the real estate agent know what you want in a business locale, and they can show you a wide variety of business locations that are available for lease. The more you know about the office you want to lease, the easier it will be for your real estate agent to find the right place for you to rent.