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3 Tips For Staging Small Vignettes In Your Home While Trying To Sell It

by Elaine Ryan

If you are trying to sell your home, you may be looking for small, subtle ways to entice potential buyers. If so, use the following tips for staging small vignettes in your house to evoke warm, homey feelings in persons coming in for a showing.

Freshen Up The Entryway And Living Room

When a potential buyer first comes into your house, they form a first impression. When setting up vignettes in your home, start with either the entryway or living room, whichever one your front door opens into.

Along with making sure all surfaces are free from dust, put vases of fresh flowers on the tables. If you have a coffee table, fill a bowl with fresh fruit. Make sure the colors and designs match your decor. 

Fresh flowers and fruit give a light, airy appearance to these areas. If possible, use flowers that have a strong, pleasant fragrance to incorporate the visitor's sense of smell with the visual pleasure of the additions.

Spruce Up Your Dining Table

The next room a buyer may walk into after the living room is the dining room. Since meals are shared in this area, you want to give the individual a sense of what it will look like if their family is sitting at the table.

Along with another vase of fresh flowers, set the table with plates and silverware to help create the mood. You can also set up a coffee cup with a newspaper folded up next to it to suggest how the room would feel drinking their coffee in the morning.

Another addition to the vignette is to set out a bowl of fresh croissants or cookies. Offer your guest and potential buyer a taste, and have them sit at the table to discuss any questions they may have. Getting them to actually enjoy a snack in the room can enhance their perceptions of your home.

Stage A Barbecue On Your Back Deck

If you have a back deck, you can also create a vignette for it. Use colorful, summery dishes to set the patio table. Also, clean your grill, and have it opened with grilling utensils laid across it.

If your grill has a smoker attached, put a brisket in it that morning. The delicious smell may start to make the buyer's mouth water while imagining having their own barbecue on the deck.

Using one or more of the above tips can spark the imagination of potential buyers by creating common, home-like scenarios. For more tips on staging your home to sell, you may want to seek the advice of some local real estate agents.