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Is Your Kitchen Keeping Your Correctly-Priced Home From Selling?

by Elaine Ryan

If your home is priced right but is lingering on the market without any purchase offers, then it is time to figure out why. A home that is priced to fit the local market should sell in a reasonable amount of time. When it doesn't get any offers, then there is typically a reason. Sometimes a home's layout is challenging or the landscaping turns people off when they drive up. However, more often, the reason a correctly priced home isn't selling is due to its kitchen or bathrooms.

If your home is priced similarly to other homes for sale in your area, then look around your kitchen with new eyes to see if this vital room in your home might be what's holding it back.

Are Your Kitchen Appliances Old or an Undesirable Color?

The absolute first thing potential buyers will notice in your kitchen are its appliances. Today, it is expected that the appliances will be either stainless steel or white. The appliances must look like they belong together and cannot appear dated because buyers see dated appliances as necessary future expenses. If your appliances have seen better days or don't match each other, then consider replacing them even if you need to purchase used to save on the cost.

How do Your Kitchen's Cabinets Show to Buyers?

After potential buyers look at your appliances, then they will check out the cabinets. If the cabinets are honey oak or plain white, they will appear dated. You can rectify this problem by having the cabinets professionally refaced, painted, or even by installing some new knobs and drawer pulls.

What Type of Flooring is in the Kitchen?

After buyers take a look at the appliances and cabinets in a kitchen, then their eye will be drawn to the flooring. Buyers today do not want to buy homes that have dated linoleum, carpet, or tile floors in their kitchens. If you have one of these things in your kitchen, consider replacing it with some high-quality laminate that is approved for use in kitchens.

How Does Your Kitchen Sink and Its Faucet Look?

Finally, take a look at your kitchen sink and its faucet with new eyes. Is the sink large enough, clean enough, and in style? Is the faucet covered in water scale or otherwise unattractive? When it comes to selling your home in a competitive market, it really can come down to everything including the kitchen sink. For this reason, make sure your sink is updated and the faucet sparkles to help your home sell.