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Real Estate Brokers Help Manage Inspection Results

by Elaine Ryan

Home inspections are important, and they can help both the buyer and the seller. A real estate broker will recommend a home inspection whether you are the buyer or the seller, and it protects you in either situation.

So, which issues may arise during a home inspection? These are the three issues your real estate broker wants you to be aware of.

Inspections Look at Safety Issues

The home inspection will involve a look for any safety hazards, including potential structural damage, mold, fire damage, electrical hazards, and other toxic hazards (like asbestos). These are issues that could get a homeowner sued.

These are also issues that can be written into a contract by the real estate broker. If one party agrees to pay for the fix, the other may be willing to accept a deal. Real estate professionals can help negotiate these kinds of deals so that each party is happy with what they are paying for.

Inspection Looks at Current Issues

The potential ongoing issues for a home will become apparent during an inspection. For example, the inspector might point out missing roof shingles, which can lead to roof leaks. Other major issues include issues with plumbing, like plumbing that drains slowly or bad smells that come from a septic tank.

These are issues the buyer needs to know, and a real estate broker will typically advise their clients to inform buyers of this issue. It may be included in the contracts as an "as is" fixture or something the buyer will agree to fix.

Inspection Looks for Future Issues

Future repairs may include things like potential roofing issues or signs of a termite infestation. The inspector may point out outdated plumbing or electrical concerns that you should fix right away or make part of the deal you make.

A buyer may be put off by these kinds of issues, but a real estate broker can provide more advice for managing these situations. Brokers can help you navigate buying a home you really love that might still have these types of issues that need to be fixed. In fact, a broker's negotiation could mean a better price.

Buyer or Seller? You Need a Professional

If you do not have a real estate broker on your side, you could miss these three key areas that an inspector would spot. It is important that you hire a professional so that you understand potential concerns with a home.

To learn more, contact a real estate broker.