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Tips for Selling Your Historic Home

by Elaine Ryan

Owning a historic home is a great accomplishment, but how do you reassure your buyer that he or she is getting a home worth owning? You need to make sure that you have a solid real estate professional and a plan for staging your home to look its best.

As a seller, you can make your home as accessible and beautiful as possible to make the biggest impact. These are some areas you might want to focus on during the selling process.

List Amenities and Highlights

The first thing you should do when you are trying to sell your home is to highlight what is good about it. This will help your real estate professional highlight the best features of the home for an audience looking for a historic home.

Never Forget the Roof

Older homes tend to experience roofing issues without maintenance and frequent repairs. If you want to make sure you get the most money for your house, fixing or replacing the roof is a great way to make sure that you can get back what your home is worth.

Check Out Basements and Cellars

If your home has a basement or cellar, you should have a look at it now. This will help you determine if you should renovate or waterproof these areas. Extra protection can help you secure more cash for your home.

Assess Utilities and Appliances

A buyer will be interested in seeing a historic home that has good plumbing and a solid HVAC system. A home without these fixtures will not sell for the best price. A real estate professional may recommend fixing or replacing these components of your home to sell it.

Check Out Decks and Porches

If your home has a deck or porch, make sure it is structurally sound. A buyer wants to know that these areas are safe, and a poorly constructed deck could make or break the sale of your home.

Look for Signs of Water

A historic home probably won't sell as quickly if there are any signs of water damage or foundation destruction. Look for signs of standing water that could indicate something is wrong with the home's structure.

Speak With a Real Estate Professional

Are you trying hard to sell an older home? Historic homes can be difficult, but not impossible, to sell. A professional can help you address these common concerns and ensure that your home is suited for the market. If you've thought I want to sell my home, speak to a professional today.