Learning About Real Estate Listings and Agent Services

  • Three Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Broker When You Are Out Of State

    13 November 2017

    Moving out of state and not being able to watch your property means that you need to put someone in charge of the sale. The best person to take over the care and sale of your property is a real estate broker. Real estate brokers can represent you for finding a buyer or finding a renter. If you are not able to be hands-on with finding a buyer, you will be able to communicate with your real estate broker who will be on the project.

  • Two Important Location Issues To Consider When Buying A Condo

    28 October 2017

    Ask most business people and they will tell you location is an important aspect of their success. The same goes for purchasing a condo you want to sell later. If you want your property to retain its value, here are two location issues you want to watch out for. Single-Employer Cities Purchasing a condo in an area where employment prospects are good can definitely help ensure your home stays valuable, because there will typically be a constant influx of people who need places to live.

  • Should You List Your Home As A Fixer Upper?

    11 October 2017

    When you make the decision to sell your home, you have several decisions to make. If your home needs repairs, one of those decisions could be whether to sell the home as-is or try to make the necessary repairs. For some sellers, placing the home on the market as a fixer-upper is the right decision. If you are unsure whether you should go ahead and list your home or make the repairs, here is what you need to know:

  • The Value Battle That Makes Buying Foreclosed Homes Difficult

    30 August 2017

    When looking for property for sale, many people turn to foreclosed homes as a way of saving money. But is this a good idea? There are some slight downsides to this approach that may make it a potentially bad investment. A Foreclosure Will Negatively Affect Surrounding Property Values One of the most troubling things about a foreclosed home is that it can seriously and negatively affect the value of the surrounding homes.

  • Two Options To Avoid Becoming Homeless When Buying And Selling A Home At The Same Time

    13 August 2017

    When you buy a home and sell one at the same time, it can be challenging managing the process so you avoid being homeless while transitioning from one place to another. While you can rent a temporary place to stay if your home sells before you're ready to move, there are things you can do to avoid that additional expense. Here are two of your options. Add a Home Sale Contingency

  • 3 Questions To Ask When Buying A Tiny Home For Your Elderly Parent

    12 July 2017

    More and more aging senior citizens are deciding against staying in a nursing home or an assisted living facility as long as they have the ability to do so, and tiny homes make an ideal setting for an older adult who does not need a lot of space. It is not uncommon for children with aging parents to step in and help with finding a tiny house for their relative. Buying a tiny home for your aging parent should be a decision that takes some careful consideration because as it is with a traditionally sized home, not every home will work out for every individual.

  • Is The Assessed Value Or Market Value Most Important When Selling Your Home?

    10 July 2017

    Before selling your home, you must settle on a listing price. There are several factors you can use to determine the price, including the assessed value and market value of your home. If you are not familiar with those, here is what you need to know. What Is the Assessed Value? The assessed value is based on an assessment that is conducted of your home. The value is often used by the county government to determine taxes and by the mortgage lender to determine the appraised value.