Learning About Real Estate Listings and Agent Services

  • What To Know About Rent-To-Own Home Deals

    7 December 2018

    It sounds almost too good to be true, and many rent-to-own home deals are just that. You might be able to find a great home and put your rent money to good use or you might end up making a bad decision. Read on to learn the pitfalls to watch out for when you rent to own. How the Process Works You need to rent or lease a place to live anyway, so why not try a rent-to-own home?

  • Should You Purchase A Starter House Or One To Live In A Long Time?

    26 October 2018

    If you currently live in an apartment and are ready to make the move of buying a house, you might wonder whether you should choose a starter home or a home you plan to live in for a very long time. As you contemplate this decision, here are several factors you should think about to help you decide which type of home you should purchase. Your financial situation Starter homes are typically less expensive to purchase, but they may need some work.

  • Negotiation And Inspection Recommendations To Help You When Buying An Older Home

    9 August 2018

    When you want a home with historic charm and features that have their own character, you should look no further than buying a home built a century or two ago. Older homes have details that newer homes do not, but you need to make sure you buy a home that does not have issues and make sure your purchase offer provides protection to you as the buyer, so you don't end up with a home needing thousands of dollars in repairs.

  • Buying a Brand New House? 3 Things to Keep an Eye Out For

    17 April 2018

    It's a good idea to look for a home that won't have any issues after you move in. Due to newer homes typically being more expensive, you'll want to make sure that your money is being spent wisely. Before signing papers to buy a new home, you will need to take some time to have a thorough inspection done to get a good understanding of what kind of house you're purchasing.

  • Important Things To Look Into When Looking To Buy A Home In The Mountains

    14 March 2018

    If you have decided that you are really interested in the luxury mountain homes for sale, you will want to get a firm grasp on some of the most important things that need to be looked into before you agree to a purchase. This way, you will know just what it is that you are getting into and whether the homes for sale that catch your eye are what you need at the moment.

  • Advice For Selling A Home As-Is

    10 January 2018

    If you have an aging or dilapidated house you wish to sell, you can either spend some money to renovate it first or decide to sell it on as-is basis. Selling a house on as-is basis means your potential buyers will know beforehand that the house is defective and you won't be making any repairs to it. Keep these things in mind if you decide to go down this route:

  • Important Real Estate Terms To Understand When Buying A House

    20 December 2017

    One of the most exciting events you may go through in life is buying a house, yet this event can be very overwhelming and confusing too, especially if you are a first-time homebuyer. Because of this, it's important to understand certain terms used in real estate before you start the process of looking at homes for sale, and here are three important terms you should understand. Full-disclosure One term to learn about before you buy a house is full-disclosure.

  • Looking for an Ideal Neighborhood? Ask These 3 Questions

    6 December 2017

    One resource that many people overlook when buying a home is the value of talking to neighbors. While it can take a little bit of courage to walk up to a stranger's house and ring the doorbell, doing so can be valuable. If you're eyeing a house to buy and you're getting close to submitting an offer, you should consider visiting the neighborhood with your real estate agent and contacting a few nearby neighbors.

  • Three Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Broker When You Are Out Of State

    13 November 2017

    Moving out of state and not being able to watch your property means that you need to put someone in charge of the sale. The best person to take over the care and sale of your property is a real estate broker. Real estate brokers can represent you for finding a buyer or finding a renter. If you are not able to be hands-on with finding a buyer, you will be able to communicate with your real estate broker who will be on the project.

  • Two Important Location Issues To Consider When Buying A Condo

    28 October 2017

    Ask most business people and they will tell you location is an important aspect of their success. The same goes for purchasing a condo you want to sell later. If you want your property to retain its value, here are two location issues you want to watch out for. Single-Employer Cities Purchasing a condo in an area where employment prospects are good can definitely help ensure your home stays valuable, because there will typically be a constant influx of people who need places to live.